About Ricki Keith

Ricki Keith is an independent Recording Artist, Performer, Writer, Producer, Vocalist, Musician and Professional Vocal Coach.

Ricki has recorded, written and produced music that has been heard worldwide. His genres cover Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Country, Film and Music Score and everything in between. He is also the author of his bestselling book "Singers Secrets". Keith has been a performing musician since age 11. He began in middle school playing drums and continued playing drums into High school. He picked up the guitar one summer at the age of 12 and began imitating guitarists such as Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhodes. He had his first taste of "stardom" when he was spending the day with a group of local Army soldiers that discovered he could play the drums pretty good. He was then invited to sit in on a set at a local sports bar - Jed's Sports bar and Grill - located next to Centennial Park in Nashville TN. The owner was so impressed that he was invited back to play again but due to transportation issues, he was unable to return. Ricki continued to pursue his musical endeavors by participating in several local talent shows and events. He also won Guitarist of The Year at McGavock High School in Nashville, TN during his sophomore year. During his sophomore year at McGavock, he was in the concert band and played all over the southeast. His band was the highest rating concert band and scored higher in the history of McGavock highs 15 years, rating straight A's and top honors across the board, so the band produced a Gold LP - a first in the history of high school concert bands. Ricki has always been determined with his guitar work and musical abilities. By the age of 16, he was invited to teach guitar at a local music store in Orlando FL. The owner of the store discovered that he was an amazing guitarist

  • and felt he was a better player than many professional guitarists in

the industry. So, Ricki began teaching after school 4 days a week. Ricki continued his love for guitar and music by joining a local high school band "Slaint" which played local schools and small parties. He also began teaching guitar for several years after that and playing with several different "garage" bands and small time local acts. Ricki really didn't begin singing until he was a young adult. In fact, he never really knew he could sing until one night at a local bar in Orlando, he met The Brother's Good - a local act that played the club scene in the Central Florida area. They invited him to sit in and sing several songs as well as play guitar on a few songs. This led Ricki to pursue his singing more avidly. He then began honing his craft and began singing in local competitions. His first big accomplishment was winning a regional singing competition in Boca Raton Florida in 1999. He was to continue on to the national finals however that did not happen. His passion for singing has led him to many different open mic-nights and karaoke contests. He also felt that his voice could use help as he was struggling with his voice in many areas. So he met Maestro Seth Riggs who has been the vocal coach to the stars for over 40 years. 32 of those years were spent as Michael Jackson's personal vocal coach - Seth would go with Michael when he toured. Seth helped Ricki achieve the vocal sound that he currently has. After years of applying those techniques and developing his own unique routines, Ricki has been able to transcend his vocal abilities to star quality levels. Ricki has since been writing and recording his own music and has published many of his songs on iTunes and can be heard worldwide. He also published a book about singing in 2008 titled "Singers Secrets" which is available on Amazon. In 2011, Ricki was discovered on YouTube and was contacted by a well-known entertainment group - Zodiak Media - out of Los Angeles California. They are responsible for some of the most popular reality television shows still on the networks today. Rayna Apploff contacted Ricki and led him into being a contestant on a reality show that featured singers with unique abilities. The ability Ricki is most famous for is his very broad 5 octave vocal range. This to Apploff seemed amazing and subsequently Ricki was flown to LA - all expenses paid to be filmed on the show. Ricki is currently working on a studio release and he is also completing his system for voice training called "Pure Vocal Power" which is the best system for voice training in the world. Having its roots in Speech level singing, Ricki has laid the foundation for a system of voice perfecting that will be hands down the standard for modern voice training. - Reference taken from IMDB